Damien Kelly


Whether promoting a property for sale, rent, hire, or require professional images of your business, it is essential to convey the property through professional quality photography rather than phone pictures and out dated images. You want your client to say “wow” I want to buy that property if for sale or let’s stay in that B&B or

Hotel based on the quality images they see on your website. If your property can convey a warming and welcoming image well then you are more likely to attract that client to purchase or stay. So if you want to promote your B&B, Boutique hotel or a private rental property through quality images, please contact me today on 087 9624766

Recent Phtoshoots

Selection of landscape images

Sell your property faster using high quality professional photographs

If you have a property for sale to rent or to promote, please get in contact and let me help you get the best possible images for your property.

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